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How to Download Kik for PC and Laptop

Kik is an instant messaging app developed by a Canadian company, Kik Interactive, in October 2010. This application uses your mobile’s data connection or Wi-Fi connection to send text messages, share pictures, videos, etc., to anyone with a Kik account. It enables you to connect with your friends through mobile numbers, usernames, or scanning the Kik codes. It this article we will learn how to download kik for pc and laptops.

Kik messenger is an application available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is proven to give you more features than any other messaging application you are using now. The user interface of Kik messenger has been marked as the number one user interface by various critiques. It is currently believed to have more than 300,000 users.

A few students developed kik Interactive at the University Of Waterloo, Canada, in 2009. However, the app was released for people to use in 2010, and a large number of whopping 1 million people registered within 15 days of its release. The most important strategy here was to attract teenagers and appear as ‘the WeChat of the West.’ But Microsoft removed the application in 2017 from its App Store. No clarifications were given on the removal by either of the parties, although it was not difficult to assume why it would have happened.


Kik for PC is a popular instant messaging app that can send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, webpages, and other content. It was developed by a Canadian company Kik interactive. It had reached one million users within 15 days of its launch.

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Here are some reasons why you should download Kik for PC:

1. Preserve anonymity

Kik is primarily famous for preserving the user’s anonymity, such as it allows the user to register without providing a personal telephone number. The user only needs to provide a first and last name, email address, and birth date to create an account. However, the Kik application logs the IP addresses of the user to determine their location.

2. Distinct experience

Kik for PC provides various engaging features to enhance the chatting experience and provide an alluring ambiance.

3. Safety first

One of the major features of Kik is it blurs messages from strangers outside their network. It can only be viewed if the user wants to see it.

4. Fullscreen in chat browser

This app introduces a new feature so that if you want to share web content, you don’t need to leave the page as it comes with an integrated web browser. You don’t need to switch back and forth between the app and browser anymore. You don’t even need to install a browser on your PC.

5. Customization feature

Kik Present its unique feature, customization. This was the first app to introduce customization features where the user can customize the app’s theme according to their wish. You can also set customized ringtones for individual contacts so that you longer miss important messages.

6. Message retrieval

Kik allows the user to retrieve older messages which are not available in the chat window anymore using its history feature. This is why you should download Kik for PC.

7. Easy to use

This app literally needs no tutorial or any other expert help to learn how to use it. You can just download Kik for your PC, and that’s all it is needed.

8. Group chats and videos

You can create a group and name it according to your wish. You can add members and start chatting. This app also enables the user to search any group of your interest and send a request to add you. Video calls are also available in Kik, so you don’t need to switch to skype or apps for this purpose. Kik provides you everything you need.

9. Notify you

Kik is always right there to notify you of important messages at the instant. You can also set customized notification tones according to your priority.

10. Emoji, gifs

Not only text messages, but this app also presents you with the latest emojis, gifs, and other trends.

11. Bot shop

If you are feeling lonely, don’t worry, Kik is always with you. You can now chat with Kik’s bot. This feature allows you to chat, play games, and enjoy. You also get to access the latest news in the app and other activities.

Methods to use Kik messenger on PC:

Bluestacks methodology

Kik traveler was created for robot and iOS; therefore, to transfer it for computer, you would like to transfer AN robot mortal. It’s AN application that permits you to use mobile robot applications on computers.


Step1: the primary step to transfer Kik traveler on the computer is to transfer AN robot mortal. The suggested mortal is Bluestacks.

Step2: Install the mortal on your computer as before long because the downloading is completed.

Step3: within the search tab of the appliance, kind ‘Kik Messenger.’

Step4: Click on the install button once you discover it.

Step5: Run the appliance, produce AN account, and begin chatting.

Chrome Extension methodology

The Google Chrome Extension may be a code developed by the Google Chrome Browser. It’s light-weight and simple to use the extension. However, to use the extension for Kik traveler, you would like to transfer it 1st. you’ll use this methodology to transfer the appliance if you don’t need to transfer any external applications. Follow the steps given below to transfer the extension.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome app on your computer and kind ‘Chrome extension for Kik’ and press enter.

#2: From the list of results Google offers you, click on the primary link.

#3: a brand new page can seem on your screen; on this page, click on the ‘Add to Chrome” button. Clicking on this button can install Kik on your pc.

Leapdroid methodology

Leapdroid is AN robot mortal that permits the installation of Kik traveler. The most important distinction between Leapdroid and different robot emulators is that Leapdroid permits you to play games and take pleasure in applications during a clearer resolution.


Step 1: Transfer Leapdroid

#2: Once the downloading is complete, let the file install, it’s an oversized file and would wish time to put in.

#3: simply double click on the Play store, you’ll be asked to enter your email id, place it in and seek for Kik traveler within the search tab.

#4: Transfer the appliance similar to you’d transfer the other application, install it, and you’re smart to travel. Known to be a lot similar to


WhatsApp and Viber, some additional features make it popular among the masses. One of the important features it possesses is anonymity. For other social media accounts, users have to give their mobile numbers to join. However, you can register on Kik just by your email, then choose the username that you like, and you’re good to go.

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