How to Deal with the Kodi Errors

There are times when we search out for something like movies or series online for streaming or downloading but face some issues like authorization issue, URL blocks or blank pages etc. We need to solve these kind of errors in order to watch the shows. This article is about how to deal and fix the Kodi Errors

Kodi Errors
Kodi Errors

The same goes for Kodi which is an open source multimedia player through which we can stream and download many movies or shows.

In this article we will know about how to deal with some of the errors of Kodi specifically the errors being and

Before proceeding towards the solution to deal with the errors I will give a bit of information about what are these errors all about to understand what are we actually dealing with.

More – Download Coto Movie Box App for iPhone and iOS Latest Version. and are nothing but the video servers owned by the same company which contain a lot of video files. Every day, these companies face a million of requests to their servers by the users and that’s the absolute reason why both of these companies ask for pairing up of your device for making the process much convenient and for sorting out such heavy traffic.

Steps to fix the Kodi Errors

Fix Error
Fix Error

Now, I will be discussing in detail for the solution of the errors and I will be discussing stepwise about how to deal with these errors for a better understanding. Before carrying out with the below mentioned steps, don’t forget to enable the VPN if you are using it on your device.

Step 1: Select a movie.

Step 2: Wait for some time for Kodi to get the seed details of the video you are interested in viewing.

Step 3: Select THEVIDEO stream link.

Step 4: Now it will show stream authorization problem i.e exactly the errors we are discussing here.

Step 5: Open the link or  in a browser. You can open up any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser etc, whichever browser you use make sure it supports HTML5. As and are owned by the same company as mentioned earlier, you can pair with either of the server and access the blocked URL.

Step 6: Check mark the “I am not a robot” captcha. After clicking on “I am not a robot” box, if you get the green tick then follow the next step.

Step 7: Click on activate streaming button.

Step 8: After clicking on activate streaming button you will get a message that your IP address is paired up for the next 4 hours. You will receive happy streaming notification.

Step 9: After following the above mentioned steps you can access any video from the servers and For checking this out return back to the Kodi screen.

Step 10: Wait for some time and again select THEVIDEO stream link, this time it will not show up the error.

So we can see, how simple it is to deal with the above mentioned errors. You can follow the above mentioned steps and further enjoy the show.


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