Google Account Manager 8.0

Do you want to download Google Account Manager 8.0 Apk then you are in the right place. Because here you can download google account manager android 8.0 apk.

You all are now familiar with the concept of FRP. But let us describe what FRP is FRP is the short form of Factory Reset Protection.

google Account Manager 10.0 Apk

google Account Manager 10.0 Apk

This security system is from google for android users. As every iPhone has the option of iCloud where they can save their valuable data without security Hassel.

So android users were lacking the feature of data security protection so for the security protection google launched the concept of FRP.

All you have to remember about FRP is the email account and password linked with that account but what if you forgot the email and password linked with the account?

The only way is to bypass the FRP which you can do in many ways that are using the online professional method or by using the security application used to bypass the FRP.

But not every application out there on the google play store is from authentic sources. Some might be from unauthentic sources and instead of benefitting you, they can provide harm to your data.

So in this case on which application you can trust the most? Yes, only the Google Account Manager Apk.

This application is directly developed by the Google Inc. team thus making sure that the valuable data of users will not get harm anymore.

It is a powerful utility application that helps you to bypass FRP. Also, it will help users to manage multiple Google accounts on a single device.

Google Account manager is by default available on the devices but if it doesn’t have then you can install it directly from the play store.

Additional Information

Name Google Account Manager 8.0
Developer Google
Version 8.0
Size 7.9
Category FRP
Get It On Play Store

Download Google Account Manager 8.0 Apk


The following mentioned features will help you to make understand the feature s of this Apk from google to bypass FRP. This mobile application regardless to bypass FRP can perform many other tasks as well.

Manages multiple accounts

If you have opened multiple accounts on your device ten Google Account Manager 8.0 will manage all of those accounts.

It will also keep in sync with the accounts being used on any device. As nowadays every user has more than one Gmail account on a single device so this can be an amazing tool to make all those accounts up to date.


Security is the fundamental feature provided by the Google Account Manager 8.0. Keeping the user’s data secure is the first and foremost priority of it.

Easy Interface

It has the most basic interface ever. Thus it will not require any technical skills to be learned before the installation of this application.

Manages multiple accounts.

As mentioned before this application can manage your multiple accounts by keeping them up to date. Your accounts will be synched and well organized.


  • Every android device has the Google Account Manager all you have to do is to update your account with the time.
  • But if you have not installed Apk on your device you can install it directly from the google play store or can click on the provided link.
  • The computability of this application is with all devices from the Android 4.0 version to android 8.1 versions.
  • Installation from unknown source permission must be granted before the installation of this Apk.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Google authentic ID and password.

Why Google Account Manager 8.0?

As mentioned before this application is directly from Google to bypass FRP. And no other third party source is used during the installation phase. So this application is intended for android users to bypass FRP.


You will find many applications on the play store to bypass any FRP. But you cannot be sure all the time about the application you are installing is going to fulfill all of your needs.

Maybe that very application will not be the authentic source and instead of getting the benefit, your data will be hacked. So Google Account Manager 8.0 is the application directly from google which is secure and safe to use.

Your priority should be this authentic application from google itself. Also, this application is used not only to bypass the FRP but for the management of multiple accounts on the device.


Q: Is Google Account Manager is free?

Yes, it is free. It will not cost you even a single penny for installation.

Q: Is Google Account Manager Application is installed already on devices?

Yes, it is but if you do not have this installed on your devices you can download it too. Make sure to keep this application up to date.

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