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Download Technocare Apk 2020 (100% FRP Removed)

Technocare Apk

Most people are confused between Technocare Apk and Technocare Tricks Apk but let me tell you one thing there is no difference between both. These are the name of a single tool that is used for FRP Bypass.

Most of you are familiar with the FRP. But let us shortly describe what FRP is? FRP is a short form of Factory Rest Protection.

Technocare Apk

Technocare Apk

As for iPhones user, there is a security system of huge data protection which is iCloud. But what is for android users how can they store their data?

Keeping the need for android users’ google launched a security system for large amounts of data which is FRP.

User can upload their huge amount of data here without any security concerns. All they have to remember is the google account and password linked with the FRP.

But what if they have forgotten the account password linked with FRP? The only alternative way to access an account is to bypass their account.

There are multiple methods available out there on the internet to bypass FRP. But some of them might not work.

The best way to bypass FRP is through the use of mobile applications. But again the question arises that which application would be best for this?

There are several applications available on the play store but among them, Tecnocare Apk is the best one

Tecnocare Apk vs Tecnocare Trick Apk.

Most people might think these both are different terms used for different applications but this is not true both of these terms can be used for the same application. There is no difference between the functionality and features of both terms.

Additional Information

NameTechnocare Apk
Version v1.0
Size     28.5 MB
DeveloperGsmunlock Spot
Get it on Play StoreNot Available

Download Technocare Apk


Trusted application

This application is the most trusted one and one does not have to worry about the privacy concern for this application.

Safe to use

As this application is safe to install and use thus the data security is its priority. It doesn’t hack or provides harm to the rest of the user’s data.

No registration

It does not require any registration or fee after installation. It is a free application but security is also one of the main concerns.


The user interface is so easy that a person with zero technical skills can use this application. Also, the bypass process is easy and will not require skills.

Age restriction

Some applications have age registration so the users cannot get their advantage but there is no age registration for installation of Tecnocare Apk. People of any age can install this and can get the advantage of this application.


This application is highly optimized in that it has compatibility with almost all models of android mobile phones launched during the years 2016 to now.

Less Size

This application has very less size that it can be download and install on any android phone of any size of RAM and ROM.

It does not require very costly and high feature devices to be installed on.


The point to ponder is the prerequisites for installation. There are two mobile application must be installed to bypass the FRP.

  • Apex launcher
  • Key application

Apex Launcher

It is the launcher designed for Tecnocare Apk. Having the Apex launcher in your phone will help the operating system switch to the stock version thus the navigation of the application will be easy.

Key Application.

This means the main application that is the Tecnocare Apk. After the installation of the mention launcher open this application and start to bypass FRP.

  Steps to bypass using Tecnocare Apk

  • Restart your phone.
  • Choose English after your phone is restarted.
  • You will be required to enable talkback.
  • You can enable talkback by pressing the Home button 3 times when you are on the welcome screen.
  • Play the YouTube video given on the getting started page.
  • Share the video by clicking on Google plus Icon.
  • After being redirected to YouTube. Click on Term and Policies.
  • The browser window will have appeared.
  • Click on history.
  • On the downloading page select the file manager and then on SD card.
  • Install the Apex launcher.
  • If it requires any permission then allow installation from unknown sources from the settings.
  • Once installed the whole interface will be changed into the Apex Launcher interface.
  • And now from the settings>security> device administration>. Disable the “Find my device” icon.
  • Download and install the Tecnocare Apk from the SD card you already have downloaded.
  • After the installation.
  • Add any Gmail account from the setting>account>add the account.
  • Enable the device manager from the device administration.
  • Now go back and from settings, Settings>apps. Enable both Google account manager and Google Play services.
  • Restart your phone.
  • You have successfully bypassed the FRP from your phone.