GB SnapChat

GB Snapchat is another version of Snapchat or it is similar to Snapchat. One of the famous social media platforms for people.  So here is the GB Snapchat Apk for these peoples. You can download this version free of cost. Without paying even a single penny.

GB Snapchat

GB Snapchat

This application allows you to chat with different users. Make friends from all over the world.  Sent text messages, voice messages, video calls, and much more. This version is all about real fun.

Another thing about this app is, you can take snaps and can enhance your selfies and photos with different filters. As everyone knows that, Snapchat has one of the most used and famous filters. People use these filters to make their selfies super cool.

Once you install this app on your mobile. You surely gonna fall in love with its features. Especially its filters are super awesome. These filters can totally change your face and give a new look to your face.

Additional Information

Version V10.89.1
Size 64MB
Support Android 4.0
Developer Snapchat Inc.
Last Update on Dec 15, 2020
Category Social
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Cool Features


Like every social media platform, this app allows you to chat with your friends and followers. You can not only send text messages as well as you can send selfies, images, audio, and videos as well. Moreover, you can do video calls to your friends. During a video chat, you can apply different filters on your face and video. You can add different types of objects as well. This isn’t a really cool feature?

Stay Updated

If you want to connect yourself to all over the world then this application is for you. You can get daily based news. Learn a lot of things like cooking and many other skills as well. Ultimately GB Snapchat is all about fun.

Use Offline

In case you have no internet connection and you are feeling bored then you can use this application offline as well. There are some features that you can use offline. Like taking selfies, applying filters, and much more.

Trace and Know Location

This is quite a cool feature of this app that you can share your current location with your friends. As well as you can check the location of your friends if they share the link of their location with you. In this way, you can trace anyone with much ease.

Save Memories

Saving memories and other stuff like videos, posts, pictures, etc is the habit of everyone on any platform. GB Snapchat also allows you to save your memories for long life. later you can view your memories as many times as you can.


You can customize your profile to make it attractive by customizing your avatar and additional details. Like your education, your hobby, your interests, and much more. Make an attractive profile so that more people start following you.


If you love to make new friends and love taking selfies then this application is for you. It is full of rich features that will addict you to use this app on daily basis. Discover new friends from all over the world. Share snaps and videos with them. Amaze people with stunning selfies of this app.


Q: How I can download GB Snapchat Apk?

You can download this app from for free.

Q: Is this application free?

Yes, Till now this application is free of cost. Just download it and enjoy

Q: Is this available for IOS devices

Yes, this is available for both android and IOS devices

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