Kinemaster Diamond

Kinemaster Diamond is the top-rated version of kinemaster for android and IOS users. You can download Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk without watermark free from for a lifetime.

Kinemaster Diamond

Kinemaster Diamond

This version of Kinemaster is the most popular video editing application. It is known for its impressive video editing.

This is a fully-featured video editor mobile application. It has rich features like texts, images, background, themes, and background sounds too.

If you want to edit your videos but using mobile applications and want a professional tool for this then Kinemaster diamond is for you.

This is a very basic tool and easy to learn to make professional-looking videos.

Additional Information

Name Kinemaster diamond
Developer Kinemaster corporation.
Version 4.1.2
Size 49MB
Require Android  5.0+
Price Free
Category Video Editor
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Diamond Kinemaster

Diamond Kinemaster

No Watermark

Videos rendered from this application will not have the watermark in the mod version.

Because developers of the mod version have worked a lot to remove the feature of the watermark from the application.

Trimming of video

Trimming a video is quite easy in it. You can trim your video of any length just by clicking the trim icon from the interface.

Merging of videos

You can even merge two or more than two videos in the Kinemaster diamond. This application is not only for merging multiple pictures and making the sliding show but for merging videos too.

3D transition

Multiple attractive transitions are also available in this video editing tool. Thus rendered sideshow will look more professional and attractive because of transitions.


The user interface is very easy to understand that users with low technical skills with found this mobile video editing tool quite easy to use.


It provides a multilayers environment the same as Adobe premium or any other video editing software, this will help the professional user to work keenly on any video.

Users will control each ins and out of the video being edit. Working on this video editing application will give you a professional feel.

Sharing of video

Edited videos will quite easy to share on any social media account. After a video is rendered users could directly share it on any social media including Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.


Kinemaster diamond also provides the feature of voice, user could easily edit his/her voice over a video or slideshow.


There you will find a variety of backgrounds that is you want a smaller screen sized video then you will find a variety of options for backgrounds like blurring and colored once.


The slideshow rendered from this application looks so professionals as there are very large numbers of pictures and images that can be used in the slideshow.

Users can even add background sound, transitions, and voiceovers in a slideshow.


All video formats are supported by the Kinemaster Diamond application.

Resolution of rendered videos.

Rendered video quality can vary from 720 to 1080, thus the rendered video quality will be HD.

Less Size

This application has a very low size thus it will occupy a very small amount in memory and will provide any memory-related issues.

Kinemaster Diamond for PC.

You can also download this application for PC and can use it. But before installing this application make sure you have installed an emulator on your PC.

An emulator is essential for every android application which is being used on PC instead.

How to install Kinemaster Diamond on PC?

As mentioned for PC you should have an emulator installed on your computer. If you have the emulator then start with the installation process otherwise follow the following steps to do so.

  • Install Nox-App from the google.
  • Open the Nox-App.
  • Now install the Kinemaster diamond from google following the same steps as mentioned above.
  • Now locate the Apk folder.
  • Drag and drop it in the Nox-App.
  • You can use this application on the emulator.


Q: Is Kinemaster diamond is available for pc?

Yes, it is but you have to install the emulator first.

Q: Is Kinemaster diamond is free?

Yes, this application is totally free.

Q: Can we share rendered videos on YouTube?

Yes, the rendered videos can be easily shared on YouTube or any other social media account.


No matter which Kinemaster version you are using you will find a variety of features on the application all that matter will be your technical skills but in the case of this basic tool you will not require to have extra technical skills