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Download Kinemaster Lite Apk 2021 (Lite Version App Free)

Kinemaster Lite

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If you need any powerful video editor tool. Then Kinemaster Lite Apk is for you. Kinemaster lite is one of the powerful video editor tools.

As for YouTubers and content creators, video quality concern has been the biggest issue all the time. Because every new creator out there cannot afford a costly PC for video editing.

Kinemaster Lite

Kinemaster Lite

Also sometimes new editors are not well skilled enough to use video editor software like Filmora, Camtasia, etc. Handy options like mobile video editor applications have always been their first choice.

Thus Kinemaster always tried to launch those tools for creators that occupy less space and give professional level throughput.

Thus keeping this need in mind they came up with the idea of a lite version of Kinemaster. So the

The beauty of this version is that it occupies less space of memory which makes it handier as compared to the rest of the versions.

Kinemaster lite v6  is also a video editor tool launched by the Kinemaster Corporation having some common features as that of the rest of the versions and has some unique features too and those unique features are described below.

Additional Information

Name Kinemaster lite v6
Cost Free
Size 20 MB
CategoryVideo Editor
Get it on Play Store

Download Kinemaster Lite Apk


The following mentioned features will completely make you understand about unique features of this video editor.

Green Screen

Get professional videos using any background screen effect. A green screen is used for VFX and this version of Kinemaster has an option of a green screen.

Thus you can add any VFX shot in your video which will be a kick start for your video quality.

Less Size

As it comes only with 20 MB, thus supporting the users having low storage phones. It is also faster as compared to the rest of the versions.


A new transitions library has been added to this version. You will see many realistic transitions that will give your videos live effects.

Add Sounds

Nowadays adding and maintenance of sound is a common feature in every video editing tool. But what this tool is providing is the surprising multilayers effect for sounds too.

You can control your added sound by working on multilayers of sound. Hence you can separate your sound from the video too.

No Watermark

Developers have worked a lot in the removal of the watermark from the rendered videos from this tool. Hence this is the greatest success of this tool that there will be no irritating watermark tool at the bottom of videos.

Speed Control

Speed control feature is also an amazing feature of this tool, you can manage the speed of your videos.

You can apply the slow-motion effect on video and you can render your videos in fast forward mode too.

Sharing of Videos

It was quite hectic for users to locate the rendered application first and then share it on social media platforms. But in this version of Kinemaster, no one has to go through all those hectic tasks of locating the application first.

Because at the end of rendering users will easily share the video on any social media platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.

Multilayers for videos

User can also work on multilayers to the editing of the video which will make them more confident about video quality because working on multilayer give more control to the user to get maximum throughput.

As multilayers enable one to keenly watch every step being processed.

HD Quality of Videos

It supports low to high-quality videos. You can render video in 4K quality. But if you want to render video for smaller devices then you can also save it in low quality.

Stickers and GIFS

It has a huge library of emoji, themes, and stickers. Any 2D,3D stickers, or even GIF can easily be attached to a video and slideshow.


The slideshow has always been the basic key of any video editing tool. Multiple pictures can be merged to create a slideshow.

Later on, sounds and transitions can be added to it.

Videos Merging

Videos can be merged easily in it. Multiple videos can be selected from the gallery and those videos can be merged to create one. This feature will help you to restore your memories in the form of video.


It is a less size amazing video editing application. It is a bundle of features for those users who cannot afford a highly paid PC and laptop for video editing. Also, users with less storage android phones can go for it. But there are other version for good quality mobiles are aslos availble like Kinemaster Ruby, Kinemaster Green, Kinemaster Pro, and Kinemaster Prime, etc.