Kinemaster Ruby

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Kinemaster Ruby

Kinemaster Ruby

While talking about Kinemaster Ruby Pro Apk it is a version of Kinemaster mobile application having some common and some newly added features in it. This time developer has worked a lot on the text styles and 3D effects which makes this version of Kinemaster a top choice for content creators.

Also, developers worked a lot to make it distinguish from the rest of the Kinemaster versions. It has almost all the features that the rest of the versions have. Every version of Kinemaster has its unique features so this version also has some uniquely added new features too which we will discuss later.

Well, we cannot summarize the attributes provided by this application but we will try to make you understand the good repute features of this version of Kinemaster.

Additional Information

Name  Kinemaster Ruby
Category Video Editor
Version v4.14.4.16740 GP
Updated on 16 Sep 2020
Total downloads 1M+
Released by Kinemaster Corporation
Category Name
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Video control

Video controls include video cropping, trimming, and merging of multiple videos and pictures too for the slide show.

Videos controls can be applied to previously saved videos too. Videos from the gallery can be picked up easily and control can be applied over them.

Speed control

Speed control is the fundamental feature of all video editors’ tools. Slow-motion, fast forward, and reverse effects are considered the key features of every video editor. So as Kinemaster Ruby also offers these speed controls.

Point to be pondered in like video control speed control can be applied to any video you want to edit from your gallery.

Visual impacts

Many visual and 3D effects can be applied easily and you will find a variety of visuals in the library of this mobile video editor.

Visuals are something different from the transitions, visual can be considered as the 3D and animated stickers enhancing the beauty of any video being edit.


Like the rest of the versions of Kinemaster, this version also provides an interface to work on multilayers.

These layers help the user to keenly control ins and out the video thus these multilayers make sure about the stable video quality.

Progress effect

All features and controls applied to the video can be checked from time to time. Progress report gives maximum throughput and it is suggested to check the progress of the project.

Kinemaster Ruby allows users to check the progress of the video or slideshow very often.


Various new text styles have been added to it. The developer worked a lot on the text styles in this version of Kinemaster.

So you can caption your videos with quotes and texts and beautifully express your videos.


The interface of this version has been changed a lot and its new UI design is in Black and Red color which gives a more professional look to this version of Kinemaster.


You can record your voice as a background sound in it. Thus if you want to wish someone and want to express your feelings through your voice then you can do it easily.

All you have to do is to click on the “add voice over” icon and you will good to go.

Background sound

Any background sound can be added to your videos and you will also find multiple sounds from the library of Kinemaster Ruby.

Screen ratio

The screen ratio can be adjusted manually. You can customize your video screen size in any ratio of the screen and can blur the rest of the screen size.


Realistic transitions help to give real-life effects to videos.

Stable video quality

Video quality after being rendered is very stable. Also, you can find video quality options as per your requirements. If you want a video for smaller devices you can save it in low quality.


Equalizer and sound control helps you to control added sounds in whatever format you like. Added voice over video can be edited too.

Sharing of videos

Rendered videos can be shared easily on any social media platform including WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.

As most of the YouTubers always in need of a video editor and later on it is hard for them to locate the video and share it on the channel but using this editor they will not have to locate the video. Because at the end of rendering users will see the option of sharing of video on any media including YouTube.


I hope you will like this version of kinemaster and will found some extra features in this version. You can also get  other versions of kinemaster like Kinemaster Green, Kinemaster Diamond, Blue, Black, Prime and Premium, etc.


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